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We Are Poundit Business

As Poundit transitions its market towards a different market which is B2B, it has a different market which means it has a different goal, vision and purpose. Our very own, John King Reyes, CEO of Poundit Business, discusses the start of Poundit Business and the vision it has right now and for future events.

Fast, Affordable and Convenient

Poundit Business is a multi-category B2B marketplace where businesses can procure all the products they need quickly and at a competitive price.


500% faster than competition

Digital proposal generated with a click of a button, revolutionizing a process that used to take weeks.

Best Price

Lowest in market prices for bulk orders

Lowest possible prices through our supplier network with further discounts on bulk purchases and registered deals.


One-stop shop for businesses

Consolidated procurement across multiple product categories for all business needs in one place.

"Glad to reconnect with you! We have another urgent order (like before haha) Seems to become a pattern for us with you guys. But that just really show you guys can deliver faster than anyone else."

-Gerb Reign Inajada [CTO] from UBX Ph

We support companies in