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Must-Have IT Equipment for Your Home Office

Must-Have IT Equipment for Your Home Office

Desk, check. Office chair, check. Laptop, check. So, your new home office has all the basics you need to start working from home. But it seems it's still lacking something. What could it be?

To be more productive as a remote worker, you need something more than just the basic tools. You have to invest in the right equipment to at least simulate the traditional office environment. This will help you work more efficiently despite the many distractions at home.

Here are some devices you might think are not necessary but are actually important for your work productivity at home.

1. Printer

In this digital age, everything is practically paperless. But the good old printer still makes for a great work-from-home buddy.

Why? In a situation like when you're stuck at home for weeks (due to a typhoon or a pandemic like COVID-19), you don't have the option to go out and have important papers printed.

Isn't it convenient to use your own printer for producing documents like resumes, invoices, tax returns, airline tickets, hotel reservations, and all sorts of forms? You can print any time without having to leave your home.

Also, reviewing and editing reports and other work documents are a lot easier on print than digital. Printed copies make you squint less than viewing documents on a computer screen.

2. Dual Monitor Setup

Does your job involve a lot of multi-tasking, like you need to have multiple browser tabs and files open at the same time?

You need to add a second monitor to your existing one, so you can maximize your screen display. This allows you to be more efficient as you switch between files and web pages.

3. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Ever experienced losing your work because of a power interruption? A UPS will be your saving grace when the electricity goes out, letting you save whatever you're working on and shut down your computer safely.

4. Surge Protector

They may not be obvious, but power surges can harm your computer's electrical components. A surge protector is what you need to protect your computer and other devices from voltage spikes.

5. Headset

You can't just rely on the built-in mic and speaker of your laptop, especially if your work involves talking to people via video conferencing, like ESL teaching. Even simple meetings with your client or colleagues can turn into a disaster if you can't hear them or they can't hear you properly.

For outstanding sound quality, get yourself a good-quality headset. Look for one with soft ear pads for comfort, adjustable and noise-canceling microphone for sound clarity, and full stereo sound capability for high-quality audio.

6. External Hard Drive

The importance of a backup hard drive should never be underestimated. More so if you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, or remote employee on a long-term work-from-home setup.

Protect your data by getting an external hard drive as a backup device. You'll never know when your computer's hard drive will fail (which may cause you to lose your important files), so get your back-up as soon as you can. Ideally, get an external hard drive with at least 1TB storage.

7. Network Router

If your household has laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, and other devices, get a network router so that you can share the bandwidth with your family members.

Even if you live alone, you still need a Wi-Fi router if you're using multiple devices that require an internet connection to work.

Make sure to choose the right router that can handle your Wi-Fi connectivity needs.

8. Wireless Speaker

Get into the work groove with your favorite tunes blasting from a stereo speaker. Yes, you still need a wireless speaker for your home office. You deserve your occasional Netflix breaks (and catch up on the latest episode of your beloved K-drama) every now and then. Your listening experience will be a lot better if you use a speaker than just relying on your laptop's built-in speaker.

Final Word

Don't skimp on office equipment that can help you become more productive at work. The devices listed above are not unnecessary expenses—they are actually useful investments for your success as a home-based worker.

For your home office equipment needs, PoundIT Business got you covered. Find wholesale laptops, printers, and other IT equipment and peripherals right here.

Contact us if you need help sourcing the devices you need for your work-from-home setup. We'll be more than happy to help!

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