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PoundIT Business Now Offers Affordable Computer Rental Service

PoundIT Business Now Offers Affordable Computer Rental Service

Need work laptops for your startup or growing business but don't have enough budget to pay for their full cost?

Computer rental is a cheaper alternative to a brand-new tech purchase. Yes, you can take advantage of a computer rental service in the Philippines to manage your business expenses better.

You can rent high-quality laptops from PoundIT Business at affordable rates and flexible payment terms. Keep reading to know more about how we can help your business through computer rental.

Is Computer Rental Good for My Business?

Any business can benefit from renting office equipment. It's particularly ideal for startups and small businesses with expanding teams that need work laptops for their newly hired and temporary or project-based employees.

The biggest advantage of computer rental vs buying is that it allows you to immediately acquire office equipment your staff needs without depleting your working capital. Don't get broke even before your business takes off!

Computer rental saves you a great deal of money, as you pay for laptop rental in low monthly installments rather than spend a huge amount upfront.

Especially if you need laptops for a short-term project, computer rental is a more cost-effective solution than buying brand-new units you'll no longer use once your project has been completed.

How Does Computer Rental Work?

PoundIT Business offers customizable laptop rental packages based on your business needs. You can rent at least 10 units for one month up to one year (with an option to extend the service) with flexible payment terms.

As with all items from Poundit, the laptops for rent comes with manufacturer’s warranties so you’re assured of quality and support. They're also plug-and-play, which means the laptops are ready to use out of the box, so you won't need to get a technician to set them up.

Why Rent Laptops from PoundIT Business?

There are at least four reasons why computer rental from us makes good business sense.

1. Multiple Laptop Rental Packages to Choose From

A common issue about computer rental services is the limited availability of stocks. That'll be the least of your worries when you rent laptops from PoundIT Business.

We provide a wide range of options for different computing needs from top tech brands such as Acer and Lenovo. All laptops for rent are equipped with the latest processors, mostly Intel i3 and i5. We also have i7 units on stock.

2. Competitive Computer Rental Rates

How much does computer rental cost at PoundIT Business? You can rent laptops for as low as ₱3,700 per month. The price depends on the number of units you'll rent, how long you'll use them, and your chosen processor.

Here's the pricing information for when you rent laptops from PoundIT Business:

3. Payment Flexibility to Suit Your Budget

Unlike a straight-up purchase, you have more control over your business expenses when you rent laptops. Instead of paying a one-time lump-sum amount, you can pay the rental fee at a significantly lower price every month. You're free to choose a lease term with a monthly fee that matches your budget. This way, it's easier to manage your cash flow.

4. Reliable Service from a Top Tech Provider

For more than five years, Poundit—the leading online electronics marketplace in the Philippines—has been in the business of providing 100% legit products from the world's top tech brands.

Sounds like we're tooting our horn here, but isn't it reassuring to know that you're dealing with a legitimate, trustworthy business partner?

How to Rent Laptops from PoundIT Business

Rental work laptops is a smooth, hassle-free experience here at PoundIT Business. It's literally as easy as 1-2-3—simply register, receive, and return!

1. Register with PoundIT Business

Get in touch with us, so we can personalize a package for you. You can request a quote through our website. Just tell us what you need, particularly the type of laptops you need (entry/standard/premium) and how many laptops you're renting.

A dedicated account manager from PoundIT Business will contact you regarding the cost estimate based on the information you provided. Feel free to ask questions and let us know your specific needs so that our account manager can better help you customize your computer rental package.

2. Receive Your Order

Once you've picked a laptop rental package, we'll process your order ASAP. Now all you have to do is wait for the items to be shipped to your office. We deliver nationwide within three to five working days (depending on the number of units you're renting) upon receipt of the purchase order.

You can pay for your order either via cash on delivery or bank deposit. If you pay via bank deposit, your order will be delivered once your payment is confirmed.

3. Return the Items

Don't forget to turn over the leased units to PoundIT Business on the expiration date of the computer rental agreement. If you need to use the laptops for a longer time, feel free to renew your contract with us. Just notify us at least 10 days before the contract expires.

Alternatively, you can buy the laptops after renting them from us. Just contact us, and we'll assist you with the sale of the leased items.

Avail of Computer Rental at PoundIT Business Today!

For your short-term or long-term laptop rental needs, trust us to provide the package that best suits your needs and budget. Let's work together to find the value-for-money option to procure office equipment for your business.

Want to learn more about our computer rental service? Send us a message at or call us at 0917 857 4823.

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