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The Crucial Role of IT Solution Services for Businesses in the Philippines

The Crucial Role of IT Solution Services for Businesses in the Philippines

In this digital era, no business runs without technology. It plays a critical role in every process and day-to-day operations of businesses, regardless of industry.

Ironically, some business owners in the Philippines don't invest in IT solution as much as they do in other areas of their operations. We see that reality reflected in business computers with poor specs or outdated antivirus software. They're scared of spending money on IT products and services that would have propelled their business growth.

Especially if IT is outside your field of expertise, the more you should be developing a strong partnership with professionals that provide IT solutions. 

What is IT Solution?

An information technology (IT) solution is a set of products and services that use IT to support business processes such as marketing, sales, logistics, and customer service.

As its name implies, IT solutions help companies solve a business problem or manage a complicated situation in their organization.

For example, antivirus software is part of an IT solution because it solves a specific problem i.e., malware attacks. It may be bundled with related products like server software and backup utilities to boost its cybersecurity capabilities.

IT services such as system integration and wireless infrastructure system address problems like process inefficiencies and data errors.

Major Types of IT Solutions

As businesses become more dependent on technology, they have a wide range of IT solutions to choose from. 

For most enterprises in the Philippines, here are the most important types of IT solutions they need to succeed.

  • Office equipment and hardware - Laptops, desktops, printers, servers, etc.
  • Business software - Antivirus software, backup utilities, server software, etc.
  • Network infrastructure services - System integration, structured cabling system, wireless infrastructure system, etc.
  • Cybersecurity services

5 Advantages of Having an IT Solution Partner in the Philippines

1. Embracing Digital Transformation

Digital transformation—sometimes called the Industry 4.0 or the fourth Industrial Revolution—is considered one of the key business trends in 2020 (and beyond) that will enable future growth. Business leaders in the Philippines see not just the value but also the urgency of going digital in their respective organizations. 

According to the Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation Study, 86% of 111 business decision-makers in the country believe that they need to embrace digital transformation to take advantage of the opportunities and address the challenges of the digital era.

Having a full digital strategy allows businesses to transform in these two critical areas:

  • Customer engagement - through delivering personalized experiences while maintaining the privacy and security of customer data
  • Employee empowerment - through technologies that enable collaboration anywhere and on any device, so employees can their jobs better

While there's a clear priority for digital transformation among CEOs and other key executives, true transformation is still lacking in the Philippines. Business leaders surveyed by Microsoft point out cybersecurity concerns and lack of a digitally-skilled workforce as the top barriers to fully embracing the digital era.

To overcome these barriers, businesses should consider enlisting the help of an IT solution provider. Such an IT partner can fill in the gaps for a company in terms of preventing data security problems and providing tech expertise from IT professionals.

2. Improving Overall Business Security

Data security is an urgent concern among businesses worldwide. The 2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey by PwC found the most pressing concerns for industrial companies in terms of cybersecurity:

  • Operational disruption from cybersecurity breaches (54%)
  • Liability risks through data loss (40%)
  • Unauthorized access to data within the company (40%)
  • Damage to company reputation and loss of trust due to data loss (39%)

Securing your business data matters—IT solution providers are aware of this fact. And so they specialize in cybersecurity and keep up with the latest technologies. IT solutions usually include services that prevent and solve data breach problems to help businesses protect confidential company, employee, and customer data.

An IT solution partner also ensures safe data backups, allowing companies to retrieve lost files and avoid the high cost of data loss.

Aside from cybersecurity, your business can benefit from partnering with an IT solution provider in terms of physical security. For example, PoundIT Business helps startups, SMEs, and corporations in the Philippines in protecting their assets and facilities against unauthorized access and disasters. Its security services include physical safety measures such as CCTV, fire alarm, and biometric systems.

3. Gaining Access to Tech Expertise

In PwC's 2017 Philippine Startup Survey with 100+ CEOs and founders in the country, talent availability was cited as one of the top three factors that helped startups build a business.

Having a skilled IT support team, in particular, is a must for any business. Whatever industry you're in—be it retail, digital services, fintech, or manufacturing—many aspects of your business require technology and competent people to handle your IT support.

Setting up your own IT department can be time-consuming and costly, though. Instead of building an internal IT team, a more cost-effective option (especially for startups) is to outsource IT services to a third-party provider. This way, you can benefit from the instant availability of talent at a lower cost.

The same survey also found that technology is the top priority for innovation of 67% of startup founders. They see technology as an important tool for improving customer experiences and product/service delivery.

Looking to innovate technology in your organization in the next few years? Partnering with a reliable IT solution team not only helps meet your tech needs. It can also help you make constant tech innovations in your company.

4. Reducing Downtimes

Although technology makes business operations more efficient, it can also lead to downtimes. Technical issues like computer slowdown, server crash, and emails that keep going offline often result in lost productivity for employees and terrible experience for customers.

Your business needs the help of an IT solution company to deter all these issues and more before they happen. It can provide the latest, up-to-date business hardware and software, along with antivirus software and security services, to increase efficiency and decrease downtimes.

5. Avoiding Unnecessary Costs

If your knowledge of technology and IT trends is limited, it's confusing to choose from the many business hardware and software solutions in the market. Which IT solutions do you actually need, and which ones you don't?

With an IT solution provider, you can benefit from its partnerships with leading tech brands that offer the best technology at the best rates. You also get customized advice on cutting-edge IT products and services based on your business requirements. This way, you cut unnecessary costs and pay only for IT solutions you need to innovate and grow your business.

Final Word

All these tech-related benefits you won't achieve on your own. An IT solution partner can work with you to improve your IT infrastructure and processes while helping you save time and money in the long run.

Let PoundIT Business be a partner in meeting your IT support needs. From office hardware and software to various IT services, you can count on our team of tech experts to deliver just what you need at the best possible rates.

Check out our IT solution offerings and let us know how we can help you. Contact us today!

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