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Industries We Serve


Fintech, E-commerce


BPO's, KPO's, Logistics


Multi-Million Companies, Fortune 500


Government / Schools



We understand what it takes for a Startup to run, and run smoothly. By merging expertise with support tailored for Startups to operate without the headaches. Making sure we're there every step of the process.
Whether you're just starting out or already scaling your business, Poundit offers personal support and flexible terms for all Startup


Your business is your life. It's critical to you. In any case, while you've been building it, you may have seen that the organizations you buy from don't treat your business with a similar significance. Better advantages, installment choices, and backing, regularly just go to the organizations that can bear the cost of it. In case you're simply beginning, you may feel deserted.
Poundit Business is changing that. If you're an independent company, you get similar service as the huge folks. What's more, we have such great things to offer.


No matter what you do, your business requires proper support to operate quickly. Iterate and Innovate faster with the right mix of Support and Fulfillment.
Poundit Business offers the best service for Enterprises looking for wholesale products at the best possible price.


RFQ, RFP, BOM, TOR, SoW, POC, We got you covered! We understand how the process works for Government and other institutions. We have the experience and expertise so that you can have an smooth and easy but fully compliant procurement.