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Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are one of the most common types of printer, and have been around for several decades. The word inkjet describes any printer that works by spraying small amounts of liquid ink onto paper with no contact between the printer nozzle and paper. There can be many different methods of how the printer sprays the ink onto the paper, but it is still liquid ink being transferred onto paper.

Laser Printers

Similar to inkjets, laser printers have been popular for a very long time, except laser printers are based on a radically different technology. Laser printers have cylinders filled with electrically charged ink powder (toner) instead of cartridges filled with liquid ink.

Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers use ink cartridges like inkjets, but does not spray the ink onto the paper. Instead, a dot matrix printer uses pins that strike an ink soaked ribbon that contacts the paper. They tend to be slower and noisier than other types of printers. However, some advantages that they have include: being able to print on carbon copy paper, printing multiple copies at a time, and long lasting ink ribbons.


Flatbeds are versatile scanners that can be used to scan a variety of different objects, both thick and thin. The object that will be scanned is placed on the transparent scanner bed and as long as it can fit, it can be scanned. Flatbed scanners work well with letter sized office paper but some may be incompatible with larger legal paper sized documents. As a bonus, they can also be used to scan thicker objects such as pages on books and magazines.


These scanners can resemble printers or fax machines with trays to load blank papers. They often have automatic document feeders and are compatible with document sizes, from letter to legal. However, they are not able to scan larger objects such as books, magazines, or notepads.


The term portable scanner can refer to two different types of scanners, barcode scanners and portable document scanners. Barcode scanners are used to scan just barcodes while portable document scanners are used to scan paper documents. Portable document scanners are useful tools for professionals that need to scan documents while on business trips.


Depending on your business, you may find that one or another special-purpose image scanning device makes your life simpler. If you're in sales, for example, investing in a business card scanner can speed and simplify the task of turning dozens – or hundreds – of newly acquired business cards into JPGs on your computer.

Keep your printer happy with the right toner

Your printing supply needs are always unique to the printer or printers you own; their designated cartridges for toner, ink, or filaments are designed specifically for your model of printer. If you have a laser printer, you’re going to need the appropriate toner cartridges. Toner cartridges contain a powdery substance and are used in laser printers and copy machines. The substance used for toner can be cleaner and less messy than an ink cartridge. Some of the benefits of using a laser printer that uses toner are having to replace cartridges less often, a much faster print out, and significantly better quality of print.

Find the right inkjet cartridge for your needs

Inkjet printers produce highly vivid images by using nozzles to place drops of ink directly onto paper. Pigment based printer ink, which provides water resistance, long-lasting color without fade, and fantastic image quality, is best for photos and professional use. You can also choose dye based printer ink, which can go a much longer way and require less refills. You can also choose between tri-color or individual color cartridges. Individual ink cartridges only contain a single color, which means you will require a few different cartridges to produce a mix of colors. Tri-color cartridges produce virtually all colors by mixing the three colors contained within one single cartridge.