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Expanded Services

 Total Tech Support

PoundIT Business is an all-in-one solution for your IT needs. Aside from procurement, we also offer a number of services to keep your tech in top shape to help grow your business.

• Computer Repair and Maintenance
• Computer Upgrade
• Software Setup
• Network Setup
• Services Link
• IT Subscription Plan
• IT Consultation
• Project Management
• SAN Setup
• Data Backup
• Vulnerability Test
• Pen Test

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Expanded Services includes but not limited to the following; System Integration, Structured Cabling System, Security Command and Control Platform, Security Services, Wireless Infrastracture System, Unified Communication System, Employee Purchase Programs and GenCon.

System Integration
This is the process of connecting vastly different systems either functionally or physically in order to add value and capabilities to the overall structure.

Structured Cabling System
Connections of various systems like security, energy, and safety alarms, are made via cables. A structured cabling system means adhering to international standards and will also make tracing each component easier and faster.

Security Command and Control Platform
This provides houses the monitoring system of the whole infrastructure, including security, IP network, alarm, and access system among others. By doing clustering them together, control of emergencies would be at an optimum.

Security Services
This provides the access and security measures of the building like biometrics, cctv, fire alarm, parking management, and PA systems.

Wireless Infrastructure System
Either point to point backhaul or point to multi-point, a wireless infrastructure would provide a faster transaction. Our multi-frequency and adaptive technology minimize interference resulting in more data transfer.

Unified Communications System
To make sure interaction between employees and with customers or partners are at optimum, a unified communication system is needed. It ensures all parts of the communication system are compatible with each other and operate all together.