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The SitSmart Posture Core is our latest innovative back pain relief seat which helps relieve back pain by optimizing your sitting posture and also has several new features that make it easy to use too!
* 2x comfort cushioning - Padded EVA foam covering for all-day comfort.
* Wider seating surface & deeper bowl shape - Fits a variety of body types.
* Sculpted front pummel - Helps you sit on the product correctly.
* Built-in finger grip - Helps you adjust the seat easily beneath you.
* Visual indicators - Makes it intuitive for you to sit on the seat correctly.

Our new SitSmart technology powers your posture with a broader, more cushioned, and ergonomically sculpted base. It activates the gluteus and core muscles, the most important muscles to protect your spine and pelvis for stabilization and movement.


  • Weight: 0.629
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