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Cheero CHE233 DANBOARD USB Cable with Micro USB & Lightning connector - 180cm

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  • Danboard cables can be used for charging combined not only with Danboard power banks, but also with any USB portable chargers, USB AC adapters or USB port of your PC. With use of Micro-USB or Lightning & Micro-USB cable you can also re-charge any Micro USB powered power bank / portable charger.

    Simply connect the USB port to a power source. Danboard's eyes will flash in red, indicating powered (small current) running through the cable.

    Once the device is connected and being charged, Danboard eyes on the cable will turn into yellow.

    Device Compatibility

    • iPod 5th gen onwards , iPhone 5 onward

    • iPad 4th gen onward, iPad Mini, iPod Nano 7th gen onwards

    • micro USB smartphone