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JBL Quantum Series

by JBL

Get the ultimate competitive advantage with JBL Quantum gaming headsets. Fueled by years of research, we combine precisely engineered headsets with custom, cutting-edge software to put you in the center of the action. Experience hyper-accurate, immersive sound that reveals every detail of the world around you—so you can rise to the top.

Or choose JBL Quantum Duo gaming speakers to fill your room with sound and lighting effects. Bring every game to life, and never miss another step, shot, or jump.

Product Features

  • The brand-new JBL QuantumSURROUND platform* adds overhead channels to immerse you in cinematic sound like never before. The flagship JBL Quantum ONE headset also features head tracking to lock sounds in 360 degrees of space around you—just move your head naturally to pinpoint the source.
  • Rally the troops and call out opponents with clarity. Our directional microphones zero in on your voice, so your team will never miss a word.
  • The unique JBL QuantumENGINE PC software* makes it easy to personalize your headset—for the most immersive experience possible. Create separate user profiles, modify microphone settings, adjust EQ, RGB and more.
  • You can also level up with JBL Quantum Duo PC gaming speakers. Featuring JBL proprietary gaming surround sound and Dolby Digital in a cool, distinctive design, you’ll never miss a step, shot or jump. Different color presets and lighting patterns personalize your setup.