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Onkyo - DP-S1 Digital Audio Player

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Original price ₱31,000.00
Current price ₱30,990.00
  • Music Like You’ve Never Heard It BeforeThe DP-S1 condenses blue-chip DAP performance into a palm-sized package with a form factor to fit daily life and performance to transport you from train carriage to another world. Twin SABRE® DACs and amps, dual clocks, balanced and unbalanced outputs, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and monster storage capability coalesce behind a touch interface you can navigate with one hand. Treating Hi-Res Audio signals with finesse, the player gives detailed insight on songs you thought you knew backwards, inspiring a new appreciation for old favorites. Even compressed files stretch out and breathe on a 3D soundstage, each instrument clearly defined, every note guided with precision. Push up the volume as far as you like without clipping. Built for the audiophile inside us all, the DP-S1 is an investment that rewards with sonic satisfaction. Just press play.
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